As a central repository for existing, new and revised policies and guidelines, the SVA Policy Database serves to standardize policy format, eliminate redundancies, improve the organization, accessibility, search and navigation functions.

The policies are organized in categories as noted in the menus below. Some policies may be listed in multiple categories. University policies, procedures, and guidelines are retained and maintained in this database to guide and inform the University community, including faculty, staff, administration, and students.

This database does not contain an exhaustive list of university policies. For more information or assistance in locating a policy, please call Office of CIO at 212-592-2000, SVA Help Desk at (212) 592-2400 option 1, or email

Latest Policies

SVA Username Policy

This Username Policy (“Policy”) sets forth the policy of School of Visual Arts (“SVA” or the “College”) with respect to generation and assignment of network identifiers (“usernames”) to individual members … more


Electronic Communications Code of Conduct

SVA’s computer services and facilities are an important aspect of our educational mission, which includes a commitment to the pursuit of academic excellence and the highest level of artistic expression. … more


Email Encryption Policy

SVA Email Encryption Policy and Guidelines The Administrative & Network Services Office has implemented a new service – “Virtru” – which integrates with the existing Gmail and Google Drive platform … more


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Policy

I. Introduction School of Visual Arts requires adequate protections to be established to assure the continuity and recovery of the University’s business following the loss of Systems that are critical to … more


Change Management Policy

Purpose The configuration change management plan is used to document and track the necessary information required to implement changes in the technology we use to serve the College. By applying … more


Wireless Access Policy

School of Visual Arts is hereinafter referred to as “the company.” 1.0 Overview Wireless communication is playing an increasingly important role in the workplace.  In the past, wireless access was … more